Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Laser professionals, build your skills with Laser Pronet

Seeking to provide a "productive laser workforce," as more than 90% of laser and photonics industry incumbents do not have academic/professional credentials in their field, according to founder Sydney Sukuta, Ph.D., partners with laser companies to arm professionals with the tools they need to become certified. The tools aim to yield greater efficiency, client engagement, and a competitive edge in product knowledge.

The tools in Laser Pronet's arsenal to certify employees include webinars, employee screening exams, short courses, and a free employee referral list for companies seeking qualified employees (as opposed to placement agencies, which can cost beaucoup bucks).

Sukuta, who also serves as Laser Pronet's lead instructor, has taught at Fresno State University, University of Nevada-Reno, University of Phoenix, and San Jose City College, among others. He also delivers laser courses at the Photonics West and LEOS Annual conferences, and has worked for some laser manufacturers in Silicon Valley, where he saw firsthand the issues they encounter on a daily basis, he says. So he developed prescriptive short courses to help absolve most of these issues.

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